Dragon Sorceress Breastplate

Dragon Sorceress
Dragon Sorceress – Picture by Rebeca Saray


Hi everyone! Little by little I want to update this blog with posts about how I created my cosplays. Today I want to show you my best cosplay by far; Dragon Sorceress. It’s an original design created by me. This was my first worbla armor project and I’m very happy with the result. I could experiment a lot with materials and I learned a lot doing this costume. I will try to explain how I did it 🙂


I will start explaining you how I made the breastplate. I was really scared to do this piece! The materials that I used were: Eva Foam, Worbla, Magic Dough and red leds for the dragon’s eyes. I’d been watching a lot of Kamui tutorials about how to make chest armors and I based my work in her patterns to make the basic shape of the piece. I modified them to do my own design. It was easier than I thought at first time! First I made the pieces that go under the chest . They are 4 symmetrical pieces, 2 of them in the front and 2 of them in the sides ( I tie the armor in the back with a cord, like a corset). To hide the unions between pieces I used some decorative elements in the sides and the dragon skull in the front.

To make the curvy form of the boobs I shaped worbla over a porexpan ball ( bad idea bacause it melts with the heat ^^’)

The details of the armor were made using the same technique that I explained here to make Dark Link’s Armor. The spikes were made with some worbla scraps.

The dragon head was made with Alpino’s Magic Dough, a wonderful material that it’s like a foam putty. It’s easy to sculpt, air dries and it’s really light!

Finally here you have a video of how I made the scale texture:

Also, If you want to support my work you can donate at my ko-fi, get prints and replicas at my Storenvy, or buy cute handmade jewelry at my Etsy ❤ ❤ Each penny counts and helps me to keep creating content and tutorials! 🙂

Hope this technique is useful for your projects! ❤

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