Aonime 2018…Here we go!

Aonime LogoHi everyone!
I’m so excited because I’m going to attend as guest to Aonime 2018 in Braga (Portugal) The event will take place on June 30th in ForumBraga from 10 am to 19pm .

I’ve just been once to a Portugal convention and everyone was sooo nice that I can’t wait to go back and meet all the amazing cosplayers and visitors!

Cosplay contest!

logo acc2

During the event is going to take place the Aonime cosplay contest. And there will be money awards for the winners!!! 100€ for the Solo first prize and 50€ for the second one. In the group category the first prize will be of 150€ and the second prize of 75€. So don’t hesitate to participate! 😀
I will be part of the jury with other amazing guest cosplayers like L’Aquila Cosplay  and Sander Cosplay Craft

You can find all the cosplay contest information in the Aonime website!

Cosplay Workshop

Grey Warden Cosplay, Dragon Age, Anhyra Cosplay

During the event, I’ll do a cosplay workshop about weathering your cosplays to get a more realistic look! I will show you the techniques that I use to get and old or rusty texture in cloths and armor pieces. Also some painting techniques that help to trick the eye and get better results with your cosplays!

The workshop will take place during the afternoon. I’ll let you know once I know the exact hour!

There will be more activities and cool workshops during the event. Take a look at their website to get all the info!

Also I’ll be having fun there all day! So hope to meet you all and have a great experience! I’ll take my barbarian cosplay for the ocassion! See you there!





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