Savathûn – Destiny 2 

Comission for Destiny Spain and Bungie, to celebrate the Bungie Day 22

troublemaker – bloodhunt

Comission for Sharkmob to promote their videogame Bloodhunt. I wore it at their booth during TwitchCon 22

Barbarian Leader – Diablo IV 

Best Armor Prize at Blizzcon Online 2021 , Best Cosplay at Dreamhack 2021

Redeemer tyrande

2022 – I made this full cosplay in only 4 weeks!

Aela – skyrim 

Mag’har Orc – World of warcraft

Best Armor at Metropoli Gijón 2019 Based on the artwork created by Eltanin

King Leoric – Diablo III

Best Armor at Comet Con 2019

sonya the Barbarian  – Diablo III

First Cosplay Contest prize at Comet Con 2018

Alexstrasza – heroes of the storm 

Maya – borderlands 3 


other projects