Coloured Contacts Review: Envy Green

Some weeks ago Coloured Contacts contacted me to do a colaboration with them! They are a cosplay and fantasy contact lenses store from the UK, and they have a lot of different and cool lenses! They let me chose a pair to try them and here is the first review! It’s about their Envy Green lenses.

I took this opportunity to try my new low-cost homemade photo studio and do a photoshoot with my Aloy cosplay (from Horizon Zero Dawn) . It was a lot of fun!




Close up of the Envy Green Contacts

My eyes have a weird green color. Sometimes they look dark green, sometimes they look grey… It depends a lot of the lightning source.  What I really like about this lenses is that they highlight my green tone but they look super natural so it’s hard to tell from the distance if I’m wearing contacts or not. I like a lot this effect to cosplay characters as Aloy, because she doesn’t have a super bright color on her eyes and they look natural. I also like the gradient of this lenses. They merge really well with my eye color and they have some greenish/hazel lines that almost match my eye.  I think they are also great lenses to wear daily because of their natural look!



I’m really used to wear lenses. I have -3.50 myopia in each eye so I wear contact lenses almost everyday. This lenses are not as comfortable as my daily clear lenses but their are really close to it.  I felt them a little at first, but after a few minutes I forgot that I was wearing them.  The ones that they sent me have prescription and I see perfectly with them, just as good as with my normal contact lenses.


Aloy Cosplay
They look as natural in the studio as in daylight!

Price, shipping and safety: 

1 Pair of 90 days contact lenses with prescription cost 12’99€, which in my opinion is a very affordable price for cosplay contact lenses. They took about two weeks to arrive in Spain, which is great! I’m used to wait almost a month when I buy in other stores. Finally, one of the things that I like the most about this brand is that their lenses are CE Marked which implies that their products complie with European health, safety and environmental legislation. For me this is very important because our eyes are very sensitive and if you don’t use the right products you can hurt them.


So, this are my thoughts about this lenses! They also sent me a cool pair of white mesh lenses that I hope to use with my upcoming Yrel cosplay. I will post soon a makeup test with theose lenses too! ❤

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