Twi'lek Cosplay, Star Wars, Anhyra Cosplay

Coloured Contacts Review: Orange Werewolf

¡Nueva review de lentillas! Desde Coloured Contacts me han mandando unas lentillas super chulas para utilizar con mis cosplays y no he podido dejar pasar la ocasión de hacerme una sesión de fotos con mi cosplay de twi'lek de Star Wars. Este fue uno de mis primeros cosplays y se merecía un pequeño homenaje antes … Continue reading Coloured Contacts Review: Orange Werewolf

AnhyraCosplay - Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn

Coloured Contacts Review: Envy Green

Some weeks ago Coloured Contacts contacted me to do a colaboration with them! They are a cosplay and fantasy contact lenses store from the UK, and they have a lot of different and cool lenses! They let me chose a pair to try them and here is the first review! It's about their Envy Green … Continue reading Coloured Contacts Review: Envy Green

How I made my Goatman’s head! Diablo 3 Cosplay

I'm currently making a Barbarian Cosplay  from Diablo III  based on this beautiful art made by Wei Wang for Blizzard. I really love this design and those beautiful monster heads that hang from her Axe. So... why not to make one? At the beginning I thought that I could carry both of them but the … Continue reading How I made my Goatman’s head! Diablo 3 Cosplay

Mis tiendas de telas favoritas

Últimamente varias personas me preguntaron donde compro telas, polipiel o pelito para cosplay, así que ahí va una selección de mis favoritas, que iré actualizando en cuanto haga nuevos descubrimientos.  No soy ninguna experta en telas o costura, pero espero que os pueda ayudar mi selección de tiendas de confianza. Todas las tiendas que citaré … Continue reading Mis tiendas de telas favoritas

Cosplay Tutorial – Draenei Hooves World of Warcraft

  My first video tutorial is ready! It's about how I made my Draenei hooves for my Yrel cosplay. It's my first time recording a tutorial, I've got a lot of things to improve ^^' , but I hope it's useful! (Don't forget to activate the subtitles in english )   Also, If you … Continue reading Cosplay Tutorial – Draenei Hooves World of Warcraft