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Coloured Contacts Review: Orange Werewolf

¡Nueva review de lentillas! Desde Coloured Contacts me han mandando unas lentillas super chulas para utilizar con mis cosplays y no he podido dejar pasar la ocasión de hacerme una sesión de fotos con mi cosplay de twi'lek de Star Wars. Este fue uno de mis primeros cosplays y se merecía un pequeño homenaje antes … Continue reading Coloured Contacts Review: Orange Werewolf

Cosplay Tutorial – Draenei Hooves World of Warcraft

  My first video tutorial is ready! It's about how I made my Draenei hooves for my Yrel cosplay. It's my first time recording a tutorial, I've got a lot of things to improve ^^' , but I hope it's useful! (Don't forget to activate the subtitles in english )   Also, If you … Continue reading Cosplay Tutorial – Draenei Hooves World of Warcraft

Dragon Sorceress Breastplate

  Hi everyone! Little by little I want to update this blog with posts about how I created my cosplays. Today I want to show you my best cosplay by far; Dragon Sorceress. It's an original design created by me. This was my first worbla armor project and I'm very happy with the result. I … Continue reading Dragon Sorceress Breastplate