Worbla Defectuoso

¡Hola a todos! Hoy os escribo este post como advertencia ya que estos días tuve problemas con un pedido que realicé de nuestro querido termoplástico: El Worbla negro. Ya son varias las armaduras que he realizado con este material (Grey Warden, Hawke, Dark Link...) y enseguida una se acostumbra a su textura, mucho más lisa … Continue reading Worbla Defectuoso

Dragon Sorceress Breastplate

  Hi everyone! Little by little I want to update this blog with posts about how I created my cosplays. Today I want to show you my best cosplay by far; Dragon Sorceress. It's an original design created by me. This was my first worbla armor project and I'm very happy with the result. I … Continue reading Dragon Sorceress Breastplate

Dark Link Armor Tutorial – Worbla

I'm currently working on a commission and I'm having a lot of fun with it! I'm crafting Dark Link's Sword, Shield and bracelet armor. I would like to show you step by step how I made the armor piece. Materials used: Eva Foam Worbla Black Art Heat gun Hot glue Scissors, ruler, marker, paper, sculpting … Continue reading Dark Link Armor Tutorial – Worbla